With ever increasing utility bills and power outages, it makes sense to switch over to solar and wind energy solutions for your home or business. Weather you opt for a backup system for those dreaded load shedding schedules, or a complete Hybrid Off-Grid solution; it is the wisest long term investment you will ever make.

If you think that acquiring a solar solution for your home or business in our deteriorating economy may be financially impossible, we have great news for you! Rent to own options are now available!

We have a wide variety of CCTV cameras and recorders to ensure your needs are met. Solutions include fiber networks, IP cameras and NVR’s, helping you work smarter, more efficient, and best of all, save you money.

From hardware to software solutions, you are covered with our wide variety of services. We specialize in office IT equipment rentals, networking solutions and support. Don’t stress about your office infrastructure collapsing as a result of crashes, software upgrades or expensive equipment replacements. We’ve got your back.

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